Boat Lockers - use and maintenance


  1. The member’s right to use the Boat Locker shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:
    1. With effect from the date of signature of this Agreement the Member shall pay the CBCHOA a monthly levy in such sum as may be determined by the CBCHOA from time to time. Such levy shall be a levy payable by the Member in terms of the CBCHOA’s Articles of the Association and shall be paid on or before the first day of each and every month, without deduction or set-off.
    2. Under no circumstances shall the Member be entitled to sell, let or in any manner dispose of the Boat Locker.
    3. The member shall not be entitles to sell or in any manner dispose of his right to use the Boat Locker without the prior written consent of the CBCHOA, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.
    4. The Member shall not effect alterations, improvements or modifications to the Boat Locker.
    5. The Boat Locker shall be used only for storage of boats and related equipment
    6. The member shall maintain the Boat Locker in good repair to the satisfaction of the CBCHOA.
    7. The CBCHOA shall maintain possession of a key to the Boat Locker, to allow it to undertake maintenance if required in terms of paragraph 3 below or for access in case of emergencies.
    8. The CBCHOA shall maintain insurance in respect of the structure of the Boat Locker.
    9. The member hereby indemnifies the CBCHOA in respect of any claim of any nature whatsoever which may be against the CBCHOA, whether by the Member or any third party, arising directly or indirectly out of the use of the Boat Locker or the provision of any service by the CBCHOA in connection therewith or the CBCHOA’s failure to carry out any obligation under this Agreement.
    1.   Upon signature of this Agreement, the Member shall have no additional rights in respect of the open Boat Yard.


    1. The Member shall be responsible for the maintenance and for all repairs and replacements becoming necessary in or to the Boat Locker.
    2. Upon the termination of the Member’s right of use, howsoever and whenever it is terminated, the Member shall return to the CBCHOA in good order, condition and repair, fair wear and tear accepted, the Boat Locker and all parts thereof, together with all keys.
    3. In the event of the Member failing to maintain the Boat Locker to the satisfaction of the CBCHOA, the CBCHOA shall be entitled, without prejudice to any of its other rights or remedies [including a forfeiture of rights], to effect the required maintenance, repair or replacement and to recover the cost thereof from the Member upon demand and/or to charge such cost to the Member’s levy account with the CBCHOA.