Rules of the Marina

Marina - Boatyard, Launch Facilities and Harbour

  • Access to the harbour is STRICTLY FOR MEMBERS ONLY.  No vessel will be launched without a COC & COF.  Please ensure that you have copies of these documents on you at all times.
  • The harbour area is STRICTLY A NO-WAKE ZONE
    (All crafts may no more than idle)
  • The NO-WAKE ZONE must be observed until such a time as the craft has CLEARED THE HARBOUR MOUTH.
  • The TOWING of either a skier & / or tube type accessory in the harbour facility is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Driving off the piers is STRICTLY PROHIBITED 
  • RE-FUELING of the craft from the jetty or in the harbour is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • CONSUMPTION OF LIQUOR by the person / persons in control of the craft IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Members using WET-BIKES are encouraged to WEAR LIFE JACKETS

Black and Blue Jetties

  • The BLACK jetties are UN-RESERVED and are to be used on a first come first served basis.  Jetties are issued via the office for use.
  • The BLUE jetties are for the EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE OWNER ONLY
  • Failure to observe any of the above WILL RESULT in the owner of the craft being instructed to REMOVE THE CRAFT from the water.

Use of Water Craft on State Dams and Public Water (Water Act 54 of 1996) the act refers as follows:-

  1. No boat shall be allowed on the dam without an official permit
  2. The use of any boat shall be at the user's own risk.
  3. The driver of any boat is always responsible for the safety and conduct of his passengers.
  4. No boat shall exceed the safe speed for that type of boat.
  5. No boat may be driven in a reckless or irresponsible manner or cause a disturbance to any person angling from the banks of the water.
  6. All boats travelling in the same direction must be overtaken on the overtaking boat's left hand (Port Side) only.  (I.e. overtake on the right side)
  7. A motorized watercraft yields right of way to any other boat, and a canoe or rowing boat yields right of way to a sailing boat.
  8. Boats leaving or approaching a launching place or harbour shall move anti-clockwise to the shore.
  9. No person shall pollute or place any harmful material, refuse or litter in the water.
  10. No person shall jump or dive from a boat in motion.
  11. A driver of a boat towing a skier must display a 500mm x 500mm red flag when his skier is in the water.
  12. ALL skiers shall wear life jackets when skiing.
  13. Boats towing a skier shall have an observer onboard or an efficient rear view mirror when skier and ski may be observed.
  14. No person under the age of 16 may be in control of any motorized watercraft.
  15. No boating is allowed between the times half and hour after sunset and half and hour before sunrise of the following day.